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The Elia Passages - Marty Hicks

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Artist statement:
Narrated by strings of plucked piano phrases that come and go like afterthoughts, 'The Elia Passages' is either the retelling of a culture that has yet to exist, or the remembrances of one that may never have existed.
The gently wavering carpets of synth conjure up images of houses overrun by greenery, faded fabric, smoke billowing into the night. The muffled sound of bonfires, quiet storms, and running water lend a sense of physical presence to the music, as one might vaguely remember the sound of a place a specific memory is tied to - but the tales told in the Elia Passages, like most myths, exist outside of time: beyond the sonic environment they present, the space they occupy is that of the imagination.

Written and produced by Marty Hicks
Mastered by Richard Alfaro
Artwork by Lela Amparo

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